The 5-Bullet Point Episode (EP’s 1-5)

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Just a few days ago I was flipping through some notes when I landed on one I made a year ago. On it was written, “create a podcast.” 

It’s amazing to see those words and know they are not merely words anymore but a reality. The IPS Podcast has just achieved its first milestone of 5 episodes! 

I can honestly say, every guest we have had on the show has been truly incredible, providing fantastic insight and wisdom that can make a real positive effect on the listeners’ lives. 

Each time we hit another 5 episode milestone you can expect a 5-Bullet Point Episode serving as a preview episode with some important lessons, wisdom, and insights from the past 5 episodes, helping you to get an idea what they are all about.

Then you can easily find the right episode or episodes that contain the lessons and information that you are most interested in at that time. 

You could also use The 5-Bullet Point Episodes when you need a little dose of goodness in tough moments, or simply whenever you want to gain some incredible lessons, insights, and wisdom about this life and the world in just a couple of minutes.

Of course don’t forget, for the full in-depth experience, the complete interviews are the place to go to. Links for each episode can be found here in the descriptions, taking you straight to the full episodes. 

So please enjoy this first 5-Bullet Point Episode of EP’s 1-5, and here’s to many more to come!

Coming soon.

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