Muni Natarajan – The Wisdom of a Monk Who Lived 37 Years in a Monastery

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Ready for another fascinating and wisdom filled episode on the Inner Picture Stories Podcast? Sure you are! In this interview, I chat with Muni Natarajan, an ex-monk who lived 37 years, yes 37 years, in a monastery.

Ever since I created this podcast and met Muni I was dying to do this episode, and now it’s finally done.

This was such a blast of an interview to do and it was fantastic to listen to the incredible story of Muni’s life, of how he went from being a professional jazz drummer at 15 years old, and living that lifestyle of being on the road, to leaving everything behind at 20 years old and joining the monastery, before finally leaving after 37 years and living a happily married live with his beautiful wife Mary Beth.

We discuss some really interesting topics in this interview including his journey to the monastery, the lessons he learned from his teachers and the wisdom he gained throughout all those years as a monk, and finally into becoming the person he is today.

It really is a fascinating discussion, with some incredible lessons along the way.

So please enjoy it and be sure to visit Muni’s website to find out more info about his workshops, yoga classes, books and music.

Thanks also to Muni for sending in the photos I asked from him, one as a monk, and one as he is today.

It’s quite a difference. His beard has got a little shorter, and his hair a little longer…


  • A Monk’s Tale by Muni Natarajan (A Monk’s Tale chronicles the life of Philip Johnson (later named Muni Natarajan) as he meets his spiritual teacher, Subramuniyaswami, affectionately known as Gurudeva, and spends 37 years living as a monk, practicing an ancient and traditional system of yoga. )
  • Into the I of All: An Ultimate Yoga (“Into the I of All” is written by author, Muni Natarajan, a Western mystic with an Eastern soul, who studied and trained for 37 years under the enlightened yoga master, Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami while living in his monasteries. )
  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (This valuable book provides a complete manual for the study and practice of Raja Yoga, the path of concentration and meditation. This new edition of these timeless teachings is a treasure to be read and referred to again and again by seekers treading the spiritual path. )

Coming soon.

Coming soon.

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Muni Natarajan

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