Dealing with Loneliness: a Conversation with Julia Bainbridge, Host of The Lonely Hour

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Let’s talk about loneliness… 

Yes, that’s right. This is an extremely important subject for me, firstly because I suffer from it quite a lot at times myself, and also because psychologists claim that loneliness will be our next big public health issue. Loneliness is increasing, with more and more people experiencing it in some form or other in their lives today.

We have seen in recent years some dramatic changes in technology, the way we work and in our communities, changes that have transformed our ultra-social species into a population of loners.

Despite the fact that we can now be connected with anyone from anywhere in the world in a way that would have seemed impossible only a short time ago, and have more possibilities than ever before to travel and go abroad quickly and easily, we are currently living in the age of loneliness.

No, I am not trying to bring the party down here, but the importance of becoming aware of this issue, is important, or as Julia Bainbridge puts it – urgent.

In this episode of The IPS Podcast I sit down with Julia, host of the podcast The Lonely Hour, to talk about loneliness and The Lonely Hour which tackles and explores deeper issues surrounding and pertaining to loneliness and aloneness.

It is a truly beautiful podcast which has helped me find a better sense of my own feelings.

I am truly grateful to Julia for getting up the courage to create a podcast around the often ignored, but so important subjects of loneliness and aloneness, and I highly recommend anyone who is looking for some greater truth and understanding on those subjects to go and check her podcast out.

Of course, before you do rush off, don’t miss the great conversation we had in this interview.

Coming soon.

Coming soon.

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Dealing with Loneliness

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