Dormant Lives and a Broken Marriage: The Story of Multi Award-Winning Travel Bloggers Dave & Deb (The Planet D)

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Life is an adventure. It’s one of the many perspectives you can choose to see life through. For me, life is exactly that. One crazy adventure, not to be missed. However, that was not always what I would have said.

In fact, not that long ago, I thought this life was the most uninteresting place to be born in. 

I hated it. 

It was through travel, however – by venturing out into the world, that I came to see and discover deeper truths than the narrow-minded thoughts I had back then. 

Deeper truths that Dave and Deb – our guests on this episode, made it their mission to show to others through their website, The Planet D

A multi award-winning travel and adventure blog, where they share stories, travel tips, tricks, advice, and inspiration to give you a taste of what this world can feel like.

In this episode of The IPS Podcast, I talk with them about traveling and the impacts it had on their lives. Let me tell you, it changed everything for them. While I think it has become something of a cliché to say that traveling changes people, there is a truth behind every cliché… and there is definitely a truth behind this one. 

I thank travel for my life. I literally do.

Alongside showing and helping to guide you to a better understanding of yourself, your emotions and your mind, with The IPS Project I also aim to show you truths about this world that we live in. It is just as important to know the broader aspects of possibilities this world has, as it is in understanding yourself. 

Both sides – ourselves and this world, we get raised with very little knowledge and understanding about and this has the effect of causing unhappiness in many people’s lives.

These are truths that both Dave and Deb have come to acknowledge just as strongly.

Travel – this world, came to be their savior when all was falling apart and looking gray. 

They lived for years dormant lives with no passion. Worked at jobs they didn’t love anymore and had a marriage that was disintegrating around them.

It was through experiencing the thrills of this world – together, that they not only saved their own marriage, but also came to rediscover themselves as individuals and stumbled upon their new lives and jobs as travel bloggers.

Within this fascinating episode, I dig deeply into their story and ask them such questions as: how The Planet D started; what were the best pieces of advice they received about travel blogging; the fundamental ingredients they have as a couple that allows them to spend so much time together; their thoughts on saying goodbye; how travel saved their marriage; their advice when someone is held back from seeing the world by fear, and many many more.

There is a lot of wisdom to be taken from this fun and inspiring episode, so without any further ado, please enjoy Episode 009 with Dave and Deb of The Planet D and join in the conversation in the comments section below with your thoughts on this interview!


  • – How Travel Saved our Marriage and Transformed Our Lives (Before travel entered our lives, we were stuck in a rut. We had been together for nearly a decade and even though we still loved each other, we were beginning to drift apart…)
  • – How Travel Can Change Your Life (For 6 years I lived inside a bubble, and most of that time was spent within the four walls of my room. Not interested in life. Not interested in the world. My teenage years were lonely years and I remember very little about them…)

Coming soon.

Coming soon.

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