Martin Inderbitzin: A Survival Story of Pancreatic Cancer – The Lessons, The Hardships and Becoming a Triathlete

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This world is filled with some truly magnificent human beings. Each guest so far that I have had the honor to interview on The IPS Podcast has only made me prouder and prouder of humanity.

While evil is part of this world, and bad people will always exist, there is great courage, strength, love, and kindness being spread in our world every day, more so than evil. 

I am very grateful each and every time to talk to some of these people working as a force of good in this world. Martin Inderbitzin, neuroscientist, pancreatic cancer survivor, triathlete, and founder of My Survival Story, is another perfect example.

There are certain things in life I would never wish upon anyone. Cancer is one of them. I stumbled upon Martin through his TEDx talk: My Survival story – What I learned from having cancer

It was something that touched me greatly, and one that I would recommend anyone to watch.

Cancer means coming face to face with your own death – tasting what it feels like. 

While I have never had to face cancer myself, nor go through it with anyone in my family, the experience of losing my own father at a young age forced me into asking certain questions about life you will rarely do if you don’t come face to face with that very real experience of death. 

This interview with Martin was a very compelling one for me, as the lessons Martin learned from surviving pancreatic cancer and his rollercoaster ride in battling it were ones I felt resonated a lot with me. 

While without a doubt experiencing death is scary, painful and lonely, there is a beauty and truth about life that can also be found by facing such suffering. 

In this episode, we touch upon these topics and the rollercoaster of emotions, events and changes Martin went through; why he decided to run a triathlon while still being treated for cancer, and how My Survival Story, a project to help inspire other people who are currently battling cancer, came to exist. 

This is an interview to be listened to, talked about, and shared. Please enjoy this episode with pancreatic cancer survivor Martin Inderbitzin.


  • – My Survival Story (We share stories of those who went through cancer to help those currently going through it. By doing so we want to reduce the stress of patients that is negatively affecting not only their immune system but also their quality of life.) 



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Pancreatic Cancer Survivor Martin Inderbitzin - The Lessons, The Hardships and Becoming a Triathlete

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