The Travelers We Are – An IPS Original Short Movie

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No matter what your beliefs are in life, and whatever you believe death will have in store for you, one way or another, we are all travelers in this world, on our way to whatever you define the afterlife to be. 

Heading towards home…

This original short movie is the first of its kind and was created thanks to and out of the interviews with the wonderful guests I had the chance to interview on The IPS Podcast. 

I can’t express enough the amount of gratitude I feel for having had the chance to sit down with each one of them. 

Hearing their stories – their journey, the hardships they went through and the lessons they learnt that lead them onto the path where they belong, is nothing short of beautiful.

It’s astonishing to me how many incredible souls we have all across this world. I can only feel fortunate for having met some of those souls, walking among us as angels who have made it their life purpose to aid and help their fellow human beings, and this planet of ours.

That to me, is what beauty looks like. These acts however, more often than not, go unseen, or if they are witnessed, are not given the spotlight that they most certainly deserve.

I hope here with The IPS Project and with the podcast, I can not only help you to find some deeper truths about yourself and this world, but also to show you some of the fellow voyagers you are traveling with.

Life isn’t always easy, that is something we can all agree on. But the importance of knowing and emotionally understanding, that you are not alone on this journey, and that we are all travelers amongst each other, facing the same struggles, is one of the main aims of mine on this educational platform on life – The IPS Project. 

A place that hopefully will make you feel at home.

I hope you will enjoy this first original short movie of The IPS Project and will take in the words you’re about to hear, and recognize that though they are about different paths they contain the same lessons that we are all trying to learn.

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