The 5-Bullet Point Episode (EP’s 11– 15)

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Five episodes have come and gone once again, bringing us to a new Five Bullet Points Episode. It’s been a wide range of exciting topics and subjects that we covered in Episodes 11-15.

All from astonishing people who shared their knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration that can impact, change, and bring a greater understanding of us and the world.

If you have never listened to The IPS Podcast, and you are wondering what this podcast is about, it is, to put it simply, a podcast about Life.

As you will soon come to realize while listening to this Five Bullet Points Episode covering Episodes 11-15, each episode challenges us to expand our thinking and learn more about ourselves and this world.

Providing you with those snippets of life education to help you live a contented, healthy, and more meaningful life.

Coming soon.

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