5 Positive Changes in the Environment

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The world is falling apart…

At least according to mainstream media.

In reality, that is not true. Yes, bad things happen. However, incredible things happen every day too. People show kindness and love to others, animals, and our environment all the time.

Good things are happening in every corner of the world. 

So even though it might easily appear so, there is no lack of positive efforts to be found wherever you go. However, what is lacking is them being highlighted in the media both on- and offline.

This is precisely why we at The IPS Project created The IPS Positive News Stories.

To be a contributor to the positivity, a droplet in the ocean with others who also try to even out this imbalance.

In our previous and first IPS Positive News Stories, we took a look at 6 true heroes. In this one, we are zooming in on the environment and bringing you 5 stories from various corners of the world, that will show you that good environmental changes are happening too.

Coming soon.

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1. Ecosia, The Search Engine That Plants Trees, Has Just Planted its 100-Millionth Tree

Earlier this month, Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees, celebrated planting its 100-millionth tree. 

Founded in Berlin, Germany, the nonprofit organization has planted more native and biodiverse tree species globally than any other.

If you would like to know exactly how Ecosia works, check out the video below.

2. Kenyan Woman’s Startup Recycles Plastic Waste into Bricks That Are 5x Stronger Than Concrete

In  Kenya, Africa, an absolutely brilliant young woman, named Nzambi Matee, started a company, Gjenge Makers, manufacturing bricks from recycled plastic.

These lightweight and low-cost building materials are made of recycled plastic and sand to produce bricks that are 5 to 7 times stronger than concrete.

Here is a video where Nzambi Matee shares her story, the manufacturing, and the bricks.

3. World’s First Electric Self-Propelled Container Ship Launches in Oslo to Replace 40K Diesel Truck Trips

In Oslo, Norway the first electric self-propelled container ship, named Yara Birkeland, has been launched. 

The container ships will transport mineral fertilizers between Porsgrunn and Brevik cutting 1,000 tonnes of CO2 and replacing 40,000 trips with diesel-powered trucks a year.

Here is a video explaining how the cargo ship works.

4. Caring Conservation Programs Have Prevented At Least 48 Animal Extinctions According to Study

We hear it all the time: another bird or mammal species is on the verge of extinction. Well, here is some good news for you, because a recent study showed that from 1993 to 2020, more than 48 mammal and bird species, such as the scimitar-horned oryx, California condor, black-footed ferret, the red wolf, and many more, have been saved from extinction by conservation actions.

The study subsequently compiled information from 137 experts on the population size, trends, threats, and actions implemented for the most threatened birds and mammals to estimate the likelihood that each species would have gone extinct had no action been taken.

Their findings show that without conservation actions, extinction rates would have been around three to four times greater.

Here is a video that talks about 10 animals that came back from extinction.

5. Nemo's Garden, World’s First Underwater Vegetable Garden

Founded in Liguria, Italy, Nemo’s Garden launched by Ocean Reef Group is the world’s first underwater vegetable garden for terrestrial plants.

Here is a video of them introducing you to Nemo’s Garden, how it works, what it can do for the environment and other people, and what they plan for the future.

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