The 5 - Bullet Point Episode (EP’s 26-30)

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Woohoo! Another 5 episodes have passed on The IPS Podcast.

As the host of this podcast I’d like to take a moment to celebrate putting these episodes out into the world and a moment to feel deep appreciation for each guest who took the time to appear on the show and share their lessons, wisdom, and insights.

Therefore, Dr. Martin InderbitzinSigne HegestandCraig Stanland, and Kristina Paltén (if you wonder why there are only 4 guests it is because episode 30 was one I did), thank you, if you are reading this, for being a guest on the show, for the work you do, and the incredible human beings you are!

Now, of course, while these episodes are exciting milestones for me and everyone here at The IPS Project, how do they serve you?

Well, each 5-Bullet Point Episode serves as a preview episode that can help you filter through the list of episodes on the show to find a full interview (or interviews) that spark your interest and that you would like to dive further into.

But another great way to use these 5-Bullet Point Episodes is to inject a quick dose of insights, inspiration, and wisdom into your day. Each short clip from the full episodes might be the perfect reminder of what exactly you need in your day, today.

Down below you can find more info about each individual episode, with a brief description,  as well as a direct link to the show notes of the full interview.

With that, I hope you will enjoy this 5-Bullet Point Episode of episodes 26 to 30.

And thank you sincerely for being a listener of the show. We truly hope with each episode we put out your life has in some way been positively affected.

  • – Intro 01:4205:35
  • – EP 026 – How to Handle Dark Times with Dr. Martin Inderbitzin, Pancreatic Cancer Survivor 05:3510:06
  • – EP 027 – A Life Free from Emotional Abuse | Psychologist Signe M. Hegestand 10:0617:05
  • – EP 028: Life After Prison – Craig Stanland: Losing Everything You Have and How to Start Over 17:0524:04
  • – EP 029 – The Good Life with Kristina Paltén, a Woman with an Extraordinary Life 24:0431:58
  • – EP 030 – 5 Positive Changes in the Environment – The IPS Positive News Stories 31:5835:12
  • – Outro 35:1236:16

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