The 5 - Bullet Point Episode (EP's 31-35)

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And here is our 7th installment of the 5-Bullet Point Episodes. This time covering episodes 31 to 35. In this 5-bullet point episode, you get to hear short clips from the past 5 episodes to help you find an interesting episode for you to delve into. These episodes also are a great way to get your daily dose of inspiration and motivation. 

You can find links to the full episodes below, as well as to past installments of 5-bullet point episodes.

A huge thank you to each recent guest: Ashley McHan, Alex Lewis, Karen Faith, Dr. Martin Inderbitzin, and Dr. Abby Medcalf, for appearing here on the show.

And thank you for listening to The IPS Podcast, and for wanting to educate yourself and improve your life.

  • – Intro 00:0001:30
  • – Episode 031 – Understanding Eating Disorders | Eating Disorder Specialist Ashley McHan 01:3006:59
  • – Episode 032 – Quadruple Amputee Alex Lewis: Finding Your Way Out of Hell—and Thriving 06:5911:10
  • – Episode 033 – Strengthen Your Empathy with Karen Faith: It’s Not a Feeling; It’s a Practice 11:1015:30
  • – Episode 034 – Lessons about Life and Death from a Cancer and a Cardiac Arrest Survivor | Dr. Martin Inderbitzin and Jellis Vaes 15:3021:00
  • – Episode 035 – The Key to Great Relationships with Psychologist Dr. Abby Medcalf 21:0024:47
  • – Outro 24:4725:51
  • – The IPS Academy 25:5127:18

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Jellis Vaes