The 5 - Bullet Point Episode (EP's 36-40)

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It’s always an exciting moment for me to release these 5-Bullet Point Episodes. It’s a time for me to reflect on the past 5 episodes and the incredible guests I’ve had the chance to talk to.

Made for you, these 5-Bullet Point Episodes serve as a way to gain insights through short clips from the previous 5 episodes, helping you check out which ones you might find interesting enough to listen to the full interview.

Moreover, these episodes can provide a boost of insights and inspiration to brighten your day. That’s actually another reason why I love creating and listening to them myself.However you choose to use this episode, I hope it can be helpful to you. And remember, the other 5-Bullet Point Episodes can be helpful in the same way as this one.

  • – Intro 00:00
  • – How to Reinvent Yourself | Craig Stanland, Reinvention Architect 02:33
  • – Improve Your Sex Life with Sex Educator and Coach, Ruth Ramsay 10:13
  • – The Healing Power of Nature | Dr. Melissa Lem 16:06
  • – Laughter is the Best Medicine | Laugh Your Way to Health and Success with Andrew Tarvin 21:18
  • – What to Say to a Suicidal Person | Lessons from a Crisis Support Worker 30:06
  • – Outro 35:00

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Jellis Vaes