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Maria Zayani

Hey, I am Maria Zayani, a stress educator and a yoga teacher with roots in Kundalini yoga. When I was a little child, my family moved from Iran to Sweden. 

Because of this, I’ve always been able to see things from the viewpoint of these two worlds and benefit from the best of both, the West and the East. Thus, I believe that there are different ways to understand and experience new knowledge.

Besides my license in the field of stress management, I also have my own personal history of dealing with stress. In 2016, my body and mind became so sick from stress that it completely shut down for a year. I couldn’t work or do any of the things I used to do because of my condition.

I would never wish for anybody to sink as deeply into stress as I had. Therefore, I hope I would be able to help people deal with stress in a healthy way through the work I do.

Methods like meditation and yoga were the biggest tools in my recovery; they also helped me to discover myself and find new direction in my life.

My love for and devotion to meditation and yoga developed out of the time I was sick, but they continue to grow in my heart as I still benefit from them every day of my life.

I truly believe that people should get to know this topic of stress a lot better. So, if you are struggling or living with stress, I want to welcome you to join one of my courses so we can start this healing journey—together.  


Online Courses Taught on The IPS Academy by Maria Zayani:

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