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A warm welcome to the podcast of The IPS Project, the educational platform on life. In this podcast hosted by Jellis Vaes, the founder of The IPS Project, you can expand your knowledge about life topics that we learn little to nothing about growing up—topics such as mental health, relationships, the workings of the mind, etc. We will learn about them from experts and people from all walks of life.

Latest Podcast Episodes:

Sean Galla

Sean Galla, Founder of Men’s Group: Being a Man Is Not Easy/The Hardships Men Face

Despite appearances and what is often portrayed, being a man is not easy. Just like women, men face countless struggles too. Often, however, they are not taken seriously and their issues are not much talked about. If you would ask people about what types of struggles men face more than women, most would go blank even though there are some major problems that occur overwhelmingly amongst men…

Learn from Various Experts How to Handle Distressing Times (COVID-19)

It has been a strange couple of months, hasn’t it? The whole world has been shaken upside down due to, as you well know, the coronavirus pandemic. Every time you read, see, and hear anything, it is the hot topic being discussed. And it still will be for the rest of the year and for years to come. The longer something lasts and the more of an emotional aftermath it leaves on people’s lives and on society, the more it will be remembered and leave its mark…

Rewire Your Brain to Be Happy

How to Rewire Your Brain to Be Happy | Dr. Rick Hanson, Ph.D. | The Science of Happiness

Happiness. It is a big word. Hold on, that is an understatement. It is huge. No, still not there yet. It is MASSIVE. How many magazines, blog articles, books, podcast interviews, workshops, etc., come out every single day to talk about this subject? An endless number of them. Therefore, I want to thank you, sincerely, for deciding to check out this one. Here at The IPS Project, we care about true change. And the guest we’ve invited on this podcast cares even more significantly about it. Our guest is Dr. Rick Hanson, Ph.D., a psychologist with over 30 years of experience on the topics of well-being and happiness…

Together – An IPS Original Short Movie

Every 10 episodes on The IPS Podcast, you get to enjoy an IPS original short movie, combining inspirational words from past guests we have had on the podcast, along with some beautiful music and video footage. We do this as a thank you to all the incredible guests we’ve had on the podcast and, hopefully for you, to be used as motivation in your day…