The IPS Tribe Program – Back to Basics (3 Days)

The IPS Tribe Program – Back to Basics (3 Days)

Welcome to the IPS Tribe Program – Back to Basics.

This three-day program, which is held over the weekends, focuses on reconnecting with the wilds, ourselves, and others. Together in a small group of like-minded people, accompanied by Jellis Vaes – founder of The IPS Project, we will live, work, and survive together as a tribe for a few days.

The IPS Tribe Program is for those who would like to return to an environment that requires us to rekindle our survival instincts.

While modern society has certainly ensured benefits such as security and safety, loneliness has become a modern-day epidemic that psychologists have come to note is complicated but prevalent because we need others less and less.

We can all survive these days without ever having to leave our homes, reducing our deep sense of purpose, closeness, and togetherness with others. Human beings don’t mind hardships. What they do mind is not being needed.

Where this IPS Journey takes you is to a place where you will be needed. The aim of The IPS Tribe Program – Back to Basics is to bring back lost and forgotten feelings. The call of the wild.

The feeling of brotherhood and sisterhood. The feeling of surviving and being needed no matter what your background.

Where Do We Go?

We will venture into the wilds in the South of Belgium, surrounded by kilometers of magnificent, thick forests and stunning landscapes. The exact location and meeting point will be sent in the welcome email when you have booked your spot for the IPS Tribe Program.

You can expect detailed directions no matter your choice of transport, be it plane, car, train, bus or horse…

What Will I Learn and What Will We Be Doing?

What will be demonstrated by the teacher, Jellis Vaes, in the IPS Tribe Program are basic survival tips and techniques, while also touching upon principles and practices of the mind, such as how our thoughts shape our lives, the hidden potential of everyone’s mind, and other lessons that you can start applying directly to your life during and after the program.

After we gather at the meeting point, everyone will be given a unique backpack to carry that holds essential items for the survival of the tribe.

Once the gear and the backpacks are given out, we will venture off into the wilds where we will start our journey and adventure.

As a tribe out there in the wilds, we’ll need to find water, build a fire, set up our camp, take care and watch after each other, while dealing with any problems and troubles that may happen along the way.

Life often makes a lot more sense when we go back to basics. Brace yourself for this most thrilling adventure.

This is The IPS Tribe Program.

Besides your clothing, everything else is provided for you. A uniquely selected backpack, your own personal tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, food, snacks, and drinks.
Checklist for clothing during the program:

  • – Rain jacket
  • – Two t-shirts
  • – Two warm pullovers
  • – Two pairs of warm socks
  • – Comfortable trousers for walking
  • – Sturdy shoes

Your regular clothes will be kept safe and dry at our home base before taking off into the wilds.
This checklist, as well as additional information, will be sent in the welcoming email when booking.

That depends on how international the group will be. The IPS Tribe Program can either be held in Dutch or English.

Currently, the size of each group will be kept to three people. Any age is welcome.

No specific fitness level is required.

We will do our best to cater to your specific needs. The welcoming email will contain a questionnaire, where you will find the option to describe any dietary requirements you have.

In time, the plan is definitely to take the IPS Tribe Program around the globe.

Jellis Vaes

About the Instructor

Jellis Vaes has trained with various professionals around the world to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone in the group. 

He has been prepared by an ex-SAS Commando in the rules of survival, taken various training courses in medical and first aid, trained in alpinism and climbing, conquered many mountains along the way, including Mont Blanc, and earned the title of Dive Master. 

The safety and well-being of everyone during the program are taken very seriously by Jellis and the team at The IPS Project. 

You are in reliable hands.

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Every question will be given our fullest attention.