Upcoming Guest on The IPS Podcast

Upcoming Guest on The IPS Podcast: Dr. Melissa Lem

Below you will find the upcoming expert set to appear next on The IPS Podcast, along with a brief bio about who they are and a comment section to ask your questions. Whenever a new expert appears on the podcast, I love to give listeners a chance to ask one question which you would like me to ask this guest. For each episode, I will select a handful of questions that I will ask the guest expert.
Dr. Melissa Lem

Questions are open until 14/01/2024

Dr. Melissa Lem is a dedicated family physician and environmental advocate based in British Columbia. She is renowned for her fervent advocacy of the profound health benefits derived from immersing oneself in nature. In 2020, Dr. Lem put her beliefs into action by starting PaRx through the B.C. Parks Foundation.

PaRx encourages healthcare providers to prescribe time in nature to improve patients’ health. In just two years, the program has grown to operate in eight provinces with over 6,000 registered prescribers. In January, PaRx made a significant move by partnering with Parks Canada. This collaboration allows doctors to prescribe Parks Canada Discovery Passes to patients through the PaRx program.

Dr. Lem recently talked with Canadian Geographic about the positive effects of being outdoors. She also sees PaRx as part of a bigger effort to address climate issues. Her work reflects a commitment to connecting healthcare, the environment, and a shared vision for a healthier world.

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