Welcome to The IPS Tribe Program


Hi there, this is Jellis. I want to take a minute here to show my appreciation to you for taking this step and joining The IPS Tribe Program.

I admire people with courage.

You taking this step – joining The IPS Tribe Program – shows me exactly what kind of person you are.

A person I admire.

What is to come will be a journey of confronting fears and opening your heart. It is a journey that requires courage. But do not worry. You have already shown that, indeed, that quality lives within you.

In the end, what is to come will be a most enjoyable experience of total immersion into the wilds, into nature, with a group of friends, comrades, brothers who have the same quality you do – courage.

Remember as well the IPS Tribe Rules:

No Judgment: We do not judge anyone. No scars, no wounds. We all had our battles in life, and we all have current conflicts going on. We listen without judgment and respond with the intention to help.

Purpose & Belonging: Everyone in the IPS Tribe is of actual value. An essential part, given a particular task – a goal, one that will be of crucial importance for the survival of each other, and of the tribe as a whole.

Brotherhood: We look after each other as friends, comrades, familyWe are brothers among each other. We do not deceive any other member, and we don’t leave anyone behind.

“Courage, above all things, is the first quality of a warrior.”

Be sure to check your mailbox.

Later today, you will find an email from me with all the remaining information about the program: what to bring, where exactly the meeting point is, etc. Note that it might land in your spam box. If you do not receive your email, have a look through there.

We’ll meet each other soon, in person! Until then, all the best.

Stay strong.